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Sharing at the BLC

Biology Leadership Community members consistently say the opportunity to listen and learn from their colleagues is one of the greatest values of the BLC. Over the course of our weekend together, there are many opportunities to do just that - in the small group discussion sessions, the poster evening, and in the optional gatherings.

Poster Session

All BLC participants are invited to present a poster featuring their own innovations, research, or projects in process. Poster abstracts are due to robin heyden by March 22, 2024. 


The poster session will be held on Saturday evening. All posters will be on display for the length of the conference, providing many opportunities to visit and learn. You can read last year's poster presenter abstracts here.


Brief But Spectacular

Selected BLC participants are invited to present a "Brief But Spectacular" segment featuring a new approach or method they're trying with their students. These short (15-20 minute) presentations give everyone a feel for the good work underway at various campuses.

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