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Materials from Past BLCs

BLC 2024

Keynote Address, Ahna Skop. Publications - Skop lab website.


Fostering Academic Integrity in the GenAI Era:  Policy & Conversation, Tricia Bertram Gallant  PPT + all resources.

Making Cyanotypes, How to; source for pre-treated materials; instructions for making your own paper or fabric

Exhaustion, Burnout, and Transformation:  A Conversation, Mays Imad

Alternate Student Conceptions, Melinda Owens & Annie Zeidman-Karpinski

Brief But Spectacular Presentations

BLC 2023

Keynote Address: Spicy Science:  Molecular & Cellular Mechanisms of Itch, Touch & Pain, Diana Bautista

Introducing the somatosensory system into your biology course, Lisa Urry

Applying the science of engagement to the biology classroom:  New Perspectives on the "mentor mindset", David Yeager and Ruth Buskirk

Student Mentor Videos

PPT Slides and other resources

Exploring the Impacts of Alternative Grading, Angela Hodgson, Jenni Momsen, Anne Casper, Jennifer Doherty

PPT Slides and Syllabi

Data Nuggets: Bringing authentic research and data into the classroom, Elizabeth Schultheis

One Size Does Not Fit All:  Assessment of multiple reading strategies first-year biology students use to read primary scientific literature, Min Zhong, Corrine Foster, Melissa McCartney

Individual and Social Metacogntion, Julie Dangremond Stanton

PPT Slides

Additional information on supporting students with disabilities 

(be sure to check out Table 4)

BLC 2022

Keynote Address:  Life in the Rocks, Ruth Blake

Creating Equitable Courses Through Alternative Grading Approaches, Jenni Momsen

Notes page and link to PPT slides

Strengthening the Classroom Ecosystem:  Using Undergraduate Learning Assistants to Promote Inclusion and Equity, Cynthia Brame

Brief But Spectacular Presentations:

BLC 2020

Struggling Together, Liz Richey

Brief But Spectacular Presentations

Flies, Alcohol, and Sex, Ulrike Heberlein

Corona Virus Resources, Michael Black




Assessment Workshop Handout, Melissa Csikari & Rebecca Orr




Resource Links:

Small Pond Science Blog (articles with simple statistics, good for teaching)

BLC 2019

Penny Chisholm, Keynote Speaker​

Link to her slides

Meghan Bathgate, Workshop Facilitator


Beth Schussler, Workshop Facilitator




Bryan Dewsbury, Workshop Facilitator

Brief But Spectaculars:

BLC 2018

David Schimel, Keynote Speaker



Reference Links:
NASA video library
OCO-2 Launch Highlights
A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2
A great overview, as of a few years ago, great for connecting to the underlying physiology, with good graphics.

David's book, Climate and Ecosystems
and Dave Randall’s book on climate and climate change

Link to Dave Schimel's PPT Slides

- Verma, M., David Schimel, Bradley Evans, Christian Frankenberg, Jason Beringer, Darren T. Drewry, Troy Magney, Ian Marang, Lindsay Hutley, Caitlin Moore and AM Eldering. 2017, Effect of environmental conditions on the relationship between solar induced fluorescence and gross primary productivity at an OzFlux grassland site, J. Geophys. Res. Biogeosci., 122 (3): 716-733
- Here’s another application of SIF and other data:
Jeong SJ, Schimel D, Frankenberg C, Drewry DT, Fisher JB, Verma M, Berry JA, Lee JE, Joiner J. Application of satellite solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence to understanding large-scale variations in vegetation phenology and function over northern high latitude forests. 2017. Remote Sensing of Environment;190:178-87.

Kimberly Tanner, Workshop Facilitator

Twenty One Strategies Document:

Mobiles and Structure Matters Workshop Slides:

Tanner, K.D. Structure Matters: Twenty-One Teaching Strategies to Promote Student Engagement and Classroom Equity. 12:1-10, 2013.

Trujillo, G. and Tanner, K.D. Considering the Role of Affect in Learning: Monitoring Students’ Self-Efficacy, Sense of Belonging, and Science Identity. CBE: Life Sciences Education, 13:1-10, 2013.

Tanner, K.D. Learning to See Inequity in Science. CBE: A Journal of Life Sciences Education, Vol. 8: 265-270, 2009.

Chamany, K., Allen, D., and Tanner, K.D., Making Biology Learning Relevant to Students: Integrating People, History, and Context into College Biology Teaching. CBE: Life Sciences Education, Vol. 7: 267-278, 2008.

Tanner, K.D. and Allen, D.E., Cultural Competence in the College Biology Classroom. CBE: Life Sciences Education, Vol. 6: 251-258, 2007.

Bryan Dewsbury, Workshop Facilitator




Brief But Spectacular Talks

BLC 2017

Elba Serrano, Keynote Speaker, A Dancer's Delight



Toolkit for Building Better Learners, Veronica Yan, Workshop Facilitator

Levels of Processing (LoP) Demo PPT


LoP Handout (Rating the properties of Words)




Teaching the Toolkit PPT

Toolkit for Building Better Learners_BLC_Handout.pptx

Way Back...

A collection of notable BLC talks and links over the years:

Robert Bjork, Remembering, Forgetting, and Desirable Difficulties

Robert Bjork, Remembering, Forgetting, and Desirable Difficulties [a summary]


Bonnie Bassler, Tiny Conspiracies [a summary]

Eric Mazur, Confessions of a Converted Lecturer [video]

Eric Mazur, Assessment:  The Silent Killer of Learning [video]

Ruth Buskirk, Applying Primary Research

Kim Quillin & Stephen Thomas, Student Drawings and Visual Model-Based Reasoning

Neil Shubin, Finding Tiktaalik [video]

Hopi Hoekstra, Darwin to DNA [a summary]

Michelle Withers, Backward Design to Move Learning Forward

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